Natasha Ewing Johnson

My story

In 2015, a friend sent me a link to a YouTube preaching from a pastor in Africa that I had never heard before by the name of Bishop Tudor Bismark. The message was transformational.  It provoked me to change my confessions and unlocked revelation of God's purpose and intent.  The message is called the "I AM factor". 

About 2 years prior to that, I was invited to be a guest speaker on a local radio program sharing my testimony of God's keeping grace and when I was asked by the interviewer for my contact information, the reality hit me that I was not prepared for the next level that God was calling me to.  It was at that point that the Holy Spirit prompted me to create just a simple email address "iamnatashajohnson".  I created the email address but I lacked the courage to move beyond that point.  The "I AM factor" message sent to me almost 2 years later propelled me to begin again.


Born in a little twin island called Trinidad, I was the first of 6 children of my parent's union.  School was not much of a challenge for me so I adopted cooking as a hobby and I loved going to church.  At 8 years old I had a profound encounter with God that transformed my forever.  I remember the place in Woodbrook Pentecostal Church as I moved from the balcony to the altar to receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. While many may question children being saved, I am persuaded today of my salvation as I was when I made that decision in 1980.  


Growing up I was privileged.  We owned two neighborhood markets that provided sold everything from groceries to snacks.  My father instilled in us the importance of being an entrepreneur.  He fancied himself a philosopher of sorts.  And was our chief advocate for creating your own dream rather than living out someone else's.  Even with that encouragement, I still had the complexes that most little girls have.  I did not feel beautiful enough, smart enough or even good enough to do anything significant in life.  So I buried myself in the lives of other by reading fictional books.


At 16 after graduating high school, my parents made the difficult decision to move to America.  I completed an additional year of high school in United States and then proceeded to attend college.  (Learn about my two high school diplomas in my book.)

After graduating college, I wanted to pursue my Master's in Business Administration.  However, one month into the program, my life was turned inside out when I got call that my mother was gravely ill and I needed to leave Houston and come to Atlanta immediately.  In fact, the doctors had given my mother six months to live.  My relationship with God and faith in the power of God was really jumpstarted.  I tell of that story in my mother's biography (Coming soon).  It was that storm that propelled me to start on the professional journey I am on today.  

Natasha The Professional

When I relocated from Houston to Atlanta, I took the first job I could to help support the family financially.  I started working as an administrative assistant at Clark Atlanta University.  After a year in that position, I grew and God opened other doors for me to other professional opportunities.


While my Bachelors is in Psychology and Speech communications, my gifts and talents were almost organically unlocked a love for technology.  This passion opened many doors for me. First I was hired as a project coordinator but quickly learned application programming.


Project Management was never on my original life plan but it fit my gift to think strategically and navigate through road blocks.  For over 20 years I have developed as a project and program manager. Leading large and small project teams to successfully implement integral projects for large fortune 500 companies.  Even a short opportunity to lead and train other project managers to become effective.

Along that journey I was privileged to start many business and learn from my wins and losses.  This has allowed me to help other small business owners to develop winning strategies for their businesses to take it to the next level.  My gift for strategic planning combined with my love of learning new technology and my entrepreneurial mindset birth the vision to help small business owners create a unique digital presence. 

My Family is my why

In 2004, God blessed me to enter into covenant relationship the love of my life Willie L. Johnson Jr.  His laid back demenor has been an excellent balance in my lilfe. 

By God's favor and grace we have three beautiful, talented and anointed girls. Joy, Faith & Charity are the reason I have stepped out in faith to press past my own fears and insecurities to create a path for their future success.

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